Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Survive a Teenager

Yep, this is pretty much what a teenaged daughter looks like sometimes.  I am never sure what the hell is coming at me, so I usually just try to stay the hell out of the way.

I have friends whose daughters are now in their twenties who tell me it will get better.  I still have hope.

This child has been mad at me (hated me) since she was three when her *wonderful* father told her on one of his visitation weekends that I was the reason he didn't live with us (she was barely two when we separated, so she didn't remember us all being together).  He thought he was getting even with me.  What he really did, besides destroying her relationship with her mother, was scar her for life.  She has been mad at me for so long, she doesn't even remember WHY she is mad at me.  Even though she is old enough now to have learned the truth (on her own) about her father.

Just one of a thousand reasons I will have to seriously restrain myself from punching him in the face without a word the next time I have the displeasure of seeing him in person.

High school graduation is a little over a week away, so I may have my chance sooner than I expected.  :)

How to survive a teenager:  vodka never hurts.  Solitude is good, too.  Stay the hell away from it and throw it food and money (when you can).