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November 13, 2011

Today I feel really GREEN.  Relaxed and  happy.  It's a beautiful Sunday morning.  I've been awake since the crack of dawn.  Getting a lot accomplished already and it's only 8:30am.  Hoping to make Sunday last!!!!!!  

September 13, 2011

Hmmm, seems I write in RED a LOT, huh?  Today I am pissed off at my employer for screwing over/emotionally devastating someone who has lived and breathed that place for practically her entire professional life.  This sucks so bad I could hardly sleep last night.  When I did sleep, every time I woke up, my brain was still sizzling away over this.  Catfuckers.

September 6, 2011

Today I am completely relaxed and mellow after our family reunion weekend on the river.  (Ok, I am also blue because it's over, but I'm banishing that emotion for now.)  It's always a blast and there is so much going on that I never have time to document it.  No drama allowed, please and thank you.  Gonna groove on this for a while to come.

August 30, 2011

Thoroughly disgusted at having had to listen to about an hour's bullshit from The Attention Whore about who's going to be on this season's Dancing with the Stars.  GOOGLE IT and STFU, already.  This also happens all season about each and every show she watches, including and especially American Idol and The Bachelor.  Yes, I am certain her opinion means more than everyone else's in America, but if I hear her say, "That's jacked up" about results with which she disagrees one more time, I am going to jack HER up.  Mind you, none of her conversation is directly with me as, thankfully, I have managed to get the message across that I would rather socialize with cobras than her.  This all takes place either directly to my co-worker, or, even worse, through the cubicle wall that separates them.  My co-worker is still too polite to say, "Gosh darn it, I am really busy, can we talk about this later (never)?"  Honestly, I think The Attention Whore actually gets paid to just be an Attention Whore, cause I rarely see her actually working. And that is bullshit.   :)

August 29, 2011

Sick to death of hair that won't behave, mascara that is gooey and clumpy, new bottles of hairspray that are clogged the first time you use them (leaving dots of sticky laquer in your hair that look like dandruff or lice), and underwear with worn-out elastic.

If I were any less vain, I would just say f*ck it and go to work looking like a dude........

August 28, 2011 (Part II)

SERIOUSLY just trying to get through the afore-mentioned pedicure, people.  Why is it that I am completely invisible (and inaudible and un-thought-of) until I start doing something other than vegetating (which is almost always interrupted too)?  I mean really, three phone calls and five text messages in the less-than-10-minutes since I attempted to START the pedicure.  Do I start emitting some sort of radar signal the second I become self-involved?!

PS.  Make that FOUR phone calls now......

PPS.  Does anyone have a sandblaster (or battery acid) that I can borrow for these cuticles?

August 28, 2011

Simply tickled pink that the "feels like" temperature is well above 100 degrees. Again.  Sweating just sitting here typing.  And since my freaking electric/water bill was almost $350 LAST month, I refuse to lower the thermostat below 78, and trying to do anything constructive in the wind tunnel created by ceiling fans and floor fans drives me batty.  Looking forward to giving myself the dreaded home pedicure only because there is cool water involved.  Don't even get me started on turning on the oven.  Mother Nature, you're making me one hot bitch, and not in a good way...  

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