Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mean Girls

So, my daughter is being bullied.  She's 16.  And very social.  Unlike me.  I hate people.

The bullying is so bad that this girl has alienated most of my daughter's friends from her and she doesn't want to go to school for her junior year of high school. Seriously, the child broke down and cried and begged me to enroll her in virtual school.  Which I did.  With a very heavy heart.

I don't know what makes me angrier, the bully (bitch) herself, or the fact that my daughter's "friends" are also "friends" with the bully and are doing nothing about this.  No one is taking her side.  Probably because none of them want to be the target.

I have read this "girl's" tweets and they are vulgar and disgusting.  And the "subtweets" about my daughter make me livid.  If she hates my daughter SO MUCH, why is she reading her tweets?!  And also, because she is a minor, I can't really approach her.  And I know if I intervene, it will just make things worse for my daughter.

I have read so many heart-breaking stories about victims of bullying who have committed suicide.  I certainly don't want that to happen to my daughter.  And so, I will do whatever she asks me to.

But what I really want to do is kick that girl's *ss for her.  Instead, I have turned it over to the Universe.  Praying every day for Karma to make an express delivery.   Cause no one is going to eff with my kid's joie de vivre if I have anything to say about it.