Shit I Really Like

Dave Grohl(icious).  Seriously.

YUM.  Nevermind (ha) that he was part of Nirvana.  This dude kicks ass on the drums and is a wild man on the guitar, has an amazing voice, writes awesome songs.  Is irreverent (like me).  Believes in shit.  Seems passionate about "right".  I just hope his wife appreciates him. >:<  Cause he's definitely on my future ex-husband list.

Foo Fighters forever, baby!!


When my 14-year-old daughter lets me sing her "The Baby Song" (a silly song my grandmother made up) when I'm tucking her in.  YAY.  She still calls me "Mommy".  I so don't want that to change!


I do really like clouds like these.  :)

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