Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Daughter Revisited

I am struggling.  This Mommy thing is going to end me.  

I wish for you:

That you occasionally (mostly) hate me.  It means I am doing my job as your parent instead of trying to be your friend.

Days of quiet, unending frustration because of your certain knowledge that you can do things so much better (and more correctly) than I.  It means you will be inspired to strive for greatness instead of drowning in the swamp of mediocrity of the majority.

Days of feeling morally superior to me for the thousands injustices you feel I have visited upon you.  It gives you the strength and desire to BE OF SUPERIOR CHARACTER.

That you FEEL the love I return to your glaring death rays.  Because you deserve to have someone who loves you at your worst as well as at your best.

Understanding that I respect your individuality when you close yourself up in your room and I don't constantly pester you....instead of thinking I don't care.

Disappointments over things you will realize later didn't really matter and the wisdom to know what does.

Heartache at losing a boyfriend who really doesn't love you so you can find one who can teach you what love is really all about.

The victory of achievement that comes from putting all your best efforts into something, big or little, important or not, so you know the value of giving your best.  It's what will make you the leader of the pack and not a follower.

Most of all, I wish for you to know how much I love you.  Even though you are convinced that I don't.

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