Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Did I Mention I'm Studying Witchcraft?

Yes, I said witchcraft.  I took this up several years ago for the sole purpose of freaking out Ex-Husband #2 (hereafter, EH2) and the evil mother-in-law (hereafter EMIL).  He definitely had it coming (and so did she).

When we met, he let me think that he agreed with my belief that organized religion can be not such a good thing for some people.  He even said that one of the reasons he left home at an early age was because of EMIL's religious beliefs. And then he decided to become just what EMIL had always been, a member of a cult that calls itself a religion which shall remain nameless here, but I think you will know which group I am speaking about when I say they go door to door.  A lot.

Ok, if that's what EH2 wanted for himself, I am all about live and let live.  But he tried to convert me. And, AFTER he joined this cult is when EH2 got really pushy-shovey with me whenever he couldn't control me or my ideas about life.  
And don't even get me started about the crap EMIL put us all through, especially at Halloween, when I had to draw a freaking smiley face on the back of our jack-o-lantern and turn it around every morning before I left for work.  Because she (the epitome of evil) couldn't stand Satan being invited into our house.  Please, Satan squirms whenever he hears her name.

 And THEN he went and got our son involved in this crap.  NOT COOL.

So, technically, it's not actually witchcraft, but I'll never tell him that.  It's really earth-based spirituality and I so love telling my son, "Tell Daddy that next weekend we'll be doing naked bonfire dancing" or "This weekend is the Fire Festival of Beltane" as this all sounds very sinister and mysterious to the uneducated and narrow-minded such as EH2 and EMIL.  

I've even introduced my son to the cleansing ritual of sage smudging.  We do it every time he is in his funk-nasty angry mood (or me, I feel like that a lot).  And when I explained it to him the first time as we did it, he said he really felt a lot better.  SCORE ONE FOR SANITY!  (And Mommy.)

So, I must go now and light all my ritual candles.  For love, health, wealth, clarity and some specific requests from friends.

They only look dangerous and no, I haven't (yet) set my house on fire.

PS.  I would turn EH2 into a toad except (a) he already is one, and (b) I need his child support money.  AND, I would so vanquish EMIL because the world deserves to be rid of her evilness forever, but my studies tell me I can only use my powers for good (dammit).

Blessed be, as the Dude I Broke Up With used to say (more about him in future posts).


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