Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blog, Blog, Bloggetty-Blog Blog (or All Hyped Up and No One to Talk To)

So, now that I've started this thing, it's taken on a life of its own.  Ideas are zinging through my brain so fast I can't keep up with them all.  Writing ideas down on any scrap of paper I can get my hands on.  I have this really cool "My Writing Spot" app on my phone, but it by the time I manipulate that technology, I've forgotten why I'm there.

And then, I sit down at the computer......

Um, what was that great thought I had?  Where the fuck is that paper?  OMG, I have lost my mind.  Or my muse is seriously fucking with me.  She does that a lot.  She's a real tease.  

So, I read my favorite bloggers.  And the journey from webpage to webpage begins.  There are so many fantastic blogs out there that I spend hours reading, forget whose blog I started on, want to bookmark so many of them (my "These people make me laugh" list is woefully unfinished), and, oh shit, I'm lost again!  Yes, I could look at my browsing history, but then my brain goes into vapor-lock.

And then a kid interrupts me.  Or my phone rings/dings/vibrates.  Or my email notification pops up.  Or there's a great song on SomaFM Groove Salad that I have to find out about  (check them out here http://somafm.com/play/groovesalad).  Or I remember there are clothes in the washer/dryer.  Or that I forgot to pack my lunch for tomorrow. Or decide what the hell POS outfit I'm wearing to work (for the eighteen-thousandth time). Then the bottle of Fris vodka is calling me from the freezer (Sadie, dah-link, it's martini time! xoxo).  Seriously, it's a wonder I can think at all (yeah, Paul Simon, only it ain't the crap I learned in high school that's distracting me now.  I forgot most of that shit YEARS ago).

But my blog needs me, I rationalize.  It's almost like my new baby.  Yeah!  Only no diapers or vomit!  Or crying!  I can turn it off whenever I want to!  (RIGHT...) Wonder if I could somehow take "New Blog-itis Leave" from work?!  Oh, poor blog, I hope I don't become a helicopter mom (I so swiped that from The Mouthy Housewives http://www.mouthyhousewives.com/).  

Ok, gotta run, seriously, stuff to do, people to tuck in, dishes to wash, etc., etc., etc......and more ideas to draft!

Picture courtesy of   mbamommy.wordpress.com

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