Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hollister Shopping Bag Mystery

Ok, I will admit right now that I am "stats-obsessed" when it comes to my blog.  I check constantly to see if I am actually reaching people, and, if so, who.  As of today, my "all-time" stats look like this:

United States:   861              United Kingdom:  40
Canada:  22                         New Zealand:  20
Germany:  7                         Russia:  5
Sweden:  4                          Belgium:  2
China:  2                             Hong Kong:  2

I was rather surprised by some of these countries.  I know blogspot allows you to click on "next blog", so I'm sure that's how some of these people got here.  And, there's also a built-in translator, which has come in handy when I've stumbled upon blogs in languages other than English. Why and how I will never be able to trace.  So I decided to see which of my posts was the most popular.  Here's what I found out.

Aug 14, 2011
90 Pageviews
Aug 8, 2011, 1 comment
24 Pageviews
Oct 10, 2011, 4 comments
24 Pageviews
Aug 9, 2011
18 Pageviews
Sep 1, 2011, 1 comment
18 Pageviews
Sep 15, 2011, 2 comments
16 Pageviews
Sep 26, 2011, 2 comments
15 Pageviews
Aug 30, 2011
14 Pageviews
Aug 9, 2011
13 Pageviews
Aug 7, 2011, 1 comment
12 Pageviews
Aug 28, 2011
36 Pageviews
Aug 7, 2011
27 Pageviews
Sep 1, 2011
25 Pageviews
Aug 28, 2011
23 Pageviews
Sep 1, 2011
21 Pageviews
Aug 28, 2011
13 Pageviews

For over two weeks now, the Hollister thing has had more traffic than I can actually believe.

Ok, if you Google "Hollister shopping bag pictures" and scroll down to about the sixth row, there is the picture from my blog post..  If you click on the picture, it brings up the picture from my post, click the "x" on the picture, and you're reading my post. Ok, I get it.  But why in the name of all that's unholy are so many people suddenly searching for a picture of a Hollister shopping bag?  This is blowing my mind.  

So, here's a plea to all of you dear readers who have found my blog by searching the internet for "Hollister shopping bag pictures".  What is the big deal with those bags suddenly?  Is it the pictures on the bags? Is it the Hollister brand? Is the Universe screwing with my head?

Please, please, please leave a comment!  I am simply dying to know what's going on!  You are my only hope!  Clue me in.  


  1. aaahahahaha! my evil plan to drive you crazy with photos from Hollister bags is working perfectly >;] muwahahaha~*

    btw...I'd go with reason #3 I truly think the Universe is screwing with your head...